House fires can occur at any time of the year and are caused by a number of factors. While some fire risks are present year-round, additional fire hazards exist during the holiday season. Using these fire safety tips for the holidays can help you avoid an unfortunate disaster.

The Importance of Fire Safety Tips For the Holidays

A minor fire can cause widespread heat and smoke damage while a severe fire may result in a total loss. In addition to causing damage to your home, a fire may cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

While fire prevention is important year-round, additional steps should be taken during the holidays to tackle seasonal risks head-on. These are some essential fire safety tips for the holidays.

1. Pay Attention in the Kitchen

Kitchens are often used more frequently during the holidays to bake holiday cookies and treats, entertain houseguests, host parties, and serve family feasts. Heavier use of the kitchen can increase fire risks, especially if you are distracted.

For example, you may be making holiday plans on the phone while you cook, or you may have something cooking on the stove while you try to wrap a last-minute present. Always be observant when you are cooking or baking and set timers to remind you to check on the food.

2. Check All Electrical Wires

A common cause of house fires during the holidays is from electrical wires. During this season, you may pull strings of lights, extension cords, and other electrical wires out of storage that have not been used for a year.

Rather than assume that their condition is good, always check each wire or cord carefully for signs of damage. This is especially important when the cords will be used on a holiday tree, stretched across carpeting, or placed on other flammable surfaces.

3. Use the Fireplace with Care

Fireplace-related fires are also common during the holidays. Some of these fires are caused by burning wrapping paper in the fireplace and not closing the fireplace doors. They may also be caused by stockings, trees, and other décor being placed too close to the fireplace.

When you consider important fire safety tips for the holidays, remember to keep all flammable objects far away from the fireplace. Never leave a fire burning in the fireplace unattended.

4. Protect Lit Candles

Candles are a fire risk that is easy to overlook during the holidays. The small flame on a single candle can result in a major fire. All candles should be in a location where they will not be knocked over and kept away from flammable objects.

Always extinguish the flame before you walk out of the room and be aware of children and pets around open flames. The best option for candles is keeping them in enclosed lanterns or using battery-powered flameless candles.

There are few things that can ruin your holiday season more quickly than a house fire. You can see that there are additional fire hazards to contend with during the holidays, so it’s important to take additional steps to protect your home. When you follow these effective fire safety tips for the holidays, you can reduce your risk of fire-related damages and injuries this season.

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