Declutter Before You Organize

Before you begin organizing your garage, declutter the space first so you’ll have fewer items that need to be organized. Sort items from your garage into one of these piles: items to keep, items to give away or donate, and items headed for the trash. Place the items you’ll donate in cardboard boxes. Schedule a trip to the donation center on your calendar if you’re not able to donate them immediately.

Next, dispose of the trash pile. Consider your municipality’s regulations if you are getting rid of any hazardous materials. Now you’re ready to organize the items you chose to keep with these helpful garage storage ideas.

Store Related Items Together

Store items used for the same task or hobby together. As a helpful garage storage idea, put your gardening gloves, pruners, hand trowel, and claw cultivator in the same plastic storage bin. It will be easier to find what you need for a project when the materials are all in the same place.

Trade Cardboard Boxes for Plastic Storage

Instead of using cardboard boxes as a garage storage solution, consider using plastic bins instead. You cannot easily see what is inside a cardboard box. Cardboard is vulnerable to moisture and pests and cardboard boxes will degrade over time.

Organizing your items into clear plastic bins allows you to see what you’re storing. Plastic bins don’t absorb moisture, keep your things safe and dry, and are more difficult for pests to get into.

Consider Shelves, Pegboard, and Cabinets as Helpful Garage Storage Ideas

Shelving is a great way to store plastic bins. For organizing tools and other materials, pegboard is an inexpensive solution. Pegboard is a helpful garage storage idea because it allows quick, at-a-glance access to items. Purchase sturdy pegboard, at least one-quarter inch thick, for garage storage.

If you have small children in the home and need to secure dangerous items or chemicals, a cabinet with a lock is a great storage option. Be sure to label cabinet shelves for specific items. This will keep you from simply tossing things inside without a system.

Remember the Ceiling

Another one of our helpful garage storage ideas is using the ceiling as an additional storage “wall.” Ceiling space is perfect for infrequently used items like a ladder or seasonal decorations. Build a custom storage area by mounting wood directly into the ceiling joists. Make sure items stored near the ceiling are clear of your garage door.

A garage is a useful space for storing household items you don’t use every day. Follow these helpful garage storage ideas to better organize your garage and use the space more efficiently.

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