If you are buying new construction, you may consider whether or not you should schedule a home inspection on a brand new home. Since it’s newly built, what could possibly go wrong?

The answer to that question may surprise you. When buying a new home, it is better to be safe than sorry. Read on for some reasons why you should have a home inspection on new construction.

1. It Has Never Been Occupied

New construction is appealing to many buyers because they are the first ones to occupy a home. This also means that no one has lived in the home to experience or discover problems. With an older home, the seller is required to disclose any known issues with home systems to potential buyers.

Issues may remain hidden in a new home because it has never been lived in before and has only been inspected for basic code compliance. A home inspector can help detect problems that can be brought to the builder’s attention before an individual closes on the new home.

2. A Home Inspection on New Construction Goes Beyond Code

County building inspectors are responsible for making sure a new building meets minimum code and safety requirements. However, they are not going to inspect the home to the same degree as a private home inspector. County home inspectors often only check to make sure new construction is up to code, which means many things are not even looked at because they’re not part of the inspection.

3. Repairing Defects

“New” does not mean “perfect”. A home inspector will find defects that should be repaired before they result in expensive damage. Potential defects on new construction include improper drainage, improperly installed home systems, inadequate insulation, raised roof shingles, and broken roof trusses.

4. Resale

You may eventually want to sell your home, and when you do, the buyer will most likely have a home inspection. The buyer’s inspection may uncover defects or issues related to the initial construction that you are now responsible for as the homeowner. It’s better to have a home inspection on new construction so the original builder and contractors can take care of any problems before you move in. This way any repairs are addressed early and not at your expense.

Home inspections on new construction identify potential defects or details that may have been missed during the building process. With the many things that can come up during home ownership, home inspections often pay for themselves. Schedule a new construction home inspection if you are having a new house built so you can move in with peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and sound.

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